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Kona Kitchen For Lunch

Kona kitchen For lunch, Kona Kitchen is a must. This casual Hawaiian spot serves up tasty bites at affordable prices with classic plate lunches and other island favorites. There’s also a weekend karaoke party to keep your spirits high. A casual Hawaiian area with island favorites and friendly service, it’s a great place to start or end your day in paradise. Its ambiance is light and airy.

The restaurant has a long history. The owner, Yuji Okumoto, is an actor and producer. He has appeared in films like “The Karate Kid Part II” and “Inception.” He was recently preparing to open the first location in Lynnwood. In addition to the restaurant, Okumoto’s wife, Mary, is also the co-owner of Kona Kitchen in Seattle. They were due to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in August.

The Owner of Kona Kitchen

The owner of Kona Kitchen, Yuji Okumoto, was a popular figure in the local community. His wife, Angie, was always friendly when guests walked through the door. She was generous with hugs and made all her diners feel special. She was the one who could transport those who missed home to Hawaii with her food and warm hospitality. Earlier, she was a co-owner and manager of Golden Star Restaurant in Bremerton for ten years. She retired from the restaurant industry in 2013. Eventually, she and Yuji Okumoto opened the Lynnwood location of Kona Kitchen.

While Yuji Okumoto has been in the restaurant business for over a decade, his wife, Angie, owns Kona Kitchen in Seattle. The restaurant was a family hangout for the Okumotos, who often traveled to Hawai’i to film movies. In addition to being a business owner, Okumoto was an actress and producer. He is also the owner of Golden Star Restaurant in Bremerton for ten years.

A Former Film Actor

A former film actor, Angie now owns Kona Kitchen in Seattle. The couple’s goal is to create a casual, family-oriented setting where you can enjoy delicious Hawaiian food while catching your breath. The restaurant owners are also owners of the Golden Star Restaurant in Bremerton. The restaurant is located in a quiet neighborhood of Maple Leaf, near downtown Seattle. Despite the name, it was named after the owner’s late husband.

Angie and her husband, Yuji Okumoto, are the owners of Kona Kitchen in Seattle. The couple’s vision for the restaurant was to create a family-friendly environment where diners could enjoy a meal while catching their breath. The owners made the restaurant a casual, family-friendly atmosphere and a friendly ambiance. While the restaurant is more than just a simple dining space, it is a place where you and your children can get the best of Hawaiian cooking.

Yuji Okumoto, the owner of Kona Kitchen, is a Seattle resident who is a filmmaker and producer. The owner’s wife, Mar Okumoto, had many of the same dreams and visions. A casual, family-friendly atmosphere and a calming, comfortable atmosphere are essential to the family. Angie was always the smiling face behind the counter. During his visits to Hawai’i, she learned about the local culture and incorporated it into her restaurant.

The Couple’s Two Children

The couple’s two children, Yuji and Angie, have a Hawaiian restaurant in Seattle called Kona Kitchen. The restaurant was inspired by the couple’s visits to Hawai’i, where she fell in love with the land. The family-friendly atmosphere at Kona was maintained even after the couple moved to the mainland. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the experience will be a unique one for everyone.

Originally from Hawaii, Mar Okumoto worked at the original Kona Kitchen in Seattle. She was the friendly face at the restaurant. She welcomed people with warm hugs and smiles. She was happy to help others and made them feel special. In August, she and her husband Robert would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Her husband, Robert Mar’s Hawaiian heritage, was so dear to him that he was a co-owner of the beloved restaurant, as well as its owner.

Yuji and Angie Okumoto have a son and daughter-in-law who own Kona Kitchen. Angie and Yuji Okumoto’s sons and daughters have been frequent customers of Kona Kitchen for more than ten years. While the restaurant is now located in Seattle, it retains a family-friendly atmosphere and a Hawaiian atmosphere. There are no formal reservations at Kona Kitchen. The restaurant is open Monday to Friday.

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