knife for vegetable cutting

knife for vegetable cutting

A Sanitec Snapper for vegetable cutting is a compact, efficient, and robust knife for vegetable and fruits cutting. The Sanitec Snapper features a conventional style with a drop-point blade that offers good knife for vegetable cutting versatility and performance. The sharpened tip of this Sanitec knife for vegetable cutting is designed to cut up various vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and peppers. This 7-inch Sanitec Vegetable Chopper has exceptional cutting performance with unrivaled ease of use, providing you unrivaled cutting efficiency like no other. The Sanitec Snapper is an ideal for slicing, mincing, and chopping vegetables, which is why it is such a popular choice amongst kitchen cutlery experts.


The Sanitec Snapper is built with premium high carbon German steel handle that is comfortable and easy to hold. The premium high carbon German steel heel of the knife for vegetable cutting offers good control and long-lasting performance. The Sanitec Knifes for Vegetables features a Sanitec patented hardening system that offers a harder blade than most kitchen knives. This hardening system makes this knife ideal for cutting hard through tough vegetables and leaves. The Sanitec Knifes for Vegetables is also extremely durable and is known to last longer than traditional cutlery.


This knife has a Sanitec patented indexed pivot, which allows for the blade to be opened rapidly. The Sanitec Knifes for Vegetables has a Sanitec trademark groove system, which allows the knife to be opened easily from either the top or the side. The Sanitec Knifes is ideal for cutlery and other multitasking tools as they are extremely powerful with a fine blade for meat high carbon steel blades. The Sanitec Heated Tourmaline is a very strong instrument for meat high carbon steel blades.


This knife has a Sanitec Heat Shield that prevents the knife from damaging the surface of food during cutting. The knife is made with a lifetime warranty and comes with an expertly crafted knife handle. The knife is very comfortable to hold, and has a heavy duty lock back mechanism. The Sanitec Tourmaline is also extremely durable and will withstand falls and repeated use. The knife is slip resistant for a firm grip and includes a leather pouch. The knife is very strong and includes a premium knife sharpener for use on a variety of cutting applications.


This knife is manufactured by a major kitchen manufacturers from the United Kingdom. This manufacturer offers many innovative products that are designed to work together to provide consumers with the best possible knives. This manufacturer offers the Sanitec Prodigy Chef’s knife, Sanitec Prodigy Stainless Steel Knifes, Sanitec Master Chef Knives, Sanitec Prose 2.0, Sanitec Extreme Pro-Chef knife set, Sanitec TK White Electric knife set, Sanitec TK Blue Electric knife set, and Sanitec Titaniumlli electric knife. This knife is constructed from a high-carbon German steel frame and is sold with a Sanitec knife sharpening system. The knife is ergonomically designed and includes a rubberized knife handle.


This knife is a professional cutlery set that is forged from premium high carbon German stainless steel. It is a compact utility knife that contain a multi-functional folding knife blade, and a large capacity die. This knife was designed by a famous chef and is a great companion for its blade as it performs multiple tasks. It can be used for slicing, dicing, grating, and chopping. It is also a very good knife for carving and grooving as it contains a diamond core blade.

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