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Kids love play kitchen sets, and the best part is they’re usually pretty affordable. Play kitchen sets are tiny kitchen sets with many different interactive pieces which help to make cooking fun even for children. With an educational kitchen set like this, your child will learn how to prepare a complete meal with only the main cooking ingredient-usually fruits and vegetables-merging it with other cooking utensils he or she can use to create other dishes as well. Your child will get lots of enjoyment from making things on his or her kitchen set and it’s something that they will enjoy doing for years to come. It can also help you to teach your child the importance of eating healthy too.

kitchen Set

The Kidkraft Play Kitchen has received great reviews from different people who have purchased it. One reviewer wrote that her six-year old son absolutely loves it. The other reviewer said that her eight-year old daughter absolutely loves it and she uses it every day. These Reviews are from both buyers and sellers and both have their positive and negative impressions about the kitchen set. Here’s what one buyer writes:

“I absolutely loved my Kidkraft Play Kitchen with its matching cook books. My son absolutely adores it, and everyone in the family comments on how much use he gets out of it. The plastic utensil bowls slide on tracks very easily, and the cook books held up very well. All in all, my kids absolutely loved their new toy-kitchen sets.”

Another reviewer said that the kitchen set is sturdy, looks beautiful, and comes in many colors. This model comes with serving utensils, a serving plate, a bottle opener, a dish rack, and a cookie sheet. She also wrote, “The serving utensil holders slide easily onto serving platters, and the dish rack seems sturdy and stable. The serving utensil holders are great for my twins, who could not find their favorite spoon right away. All in all, this toy-kitchen set is perfect for anyone looking for a kitchen toy.”

A third reviewer writes one reviewer, “My daughters absolutely loved their Kitchen Sink sets. They are so cute and attractive, and they keep your kitchen cleaner. My oldest daughter uses hers every day, and she cleans it so much better than our old one.” The toy-kitchen set is made of high quality material that is rust-proof, and it’s also dishwasher safe. This kitchen set can be washed in the washing machine, and it also has an easy-to-follow storage system that makes it simple for you to clean up after your children play.

Another reviewer says that “the children really enjoyed cleaning up with their Plastic toy kitchen set. The toy-kitchen felt sturdy and clean when we got it out of the box. It has a dish rack and a few snap on serving trays, so putting condiments on it was no problem at all. The little cupboard that houses the serving utensils was a nice touch, too. ”

One particular feature that several reviewers mentioned was that the toy kitchen set had both a cutlery drawer and a cupboard underneath. This lets parents know that their children have something to do while they’re preparing dinner. These are very positive reviews from most reviewers, which is probably because the kitchen set is both a practical toy and something that looks good.

So, what is it that two grandparents recommend? According to writes one reviewer, “It may not be practical for today’s busy lifestyle, but it will definitely provide hours of fun and leisure for the 2-year-old. She will not only have a place to help her little ones with homework, but also a place to hang out with them and show off her new kitchen set. With kitchen sets like this, there is no reason that a parent can’t encourage their kids to love working in the kitchen.”

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