Italian kitchen design

The most popular Italian kitchen design features a combination of wood, marble, and granite. The traditional Italian kitchen layout always feels welcoming and cozy. They usually include outdoor elements like stone and terra cotta, as well as various other natural elements, like granite and clay. This type of kitchen is perfect for anyone who wants to do their own remodeling, because it’s so versatile.

italian kitchen design

However, if you’d prefer a more contemporary Italian kitchen design, you’ll want to keep things more contemporary. Go with natural light instead of the more traditionally warm colors, such as creams and beiges. Instead of going with a large wooden or marble countertop, choose a granite countertop instead. Choose decorative wrought iron grills instead of large terra cottas.

This type of italian kitchen design has some definite design choices that you can go with. For example, if you’d like to create an open floor plan with plenty of windows, you can use travertine as a floor covering. Travertine comes in many different shades of gray, from dark browns to earthy blues, to reds and greens. You can also find travertine in white, but this design is best used in more traditional Italian designs.

In terms of other elements of the italian kitchen design, you have plenty of options, too. Marble is quite popular in this type of design, especially since it gives the impression of wealth and sophistication. Marble is quite beautiful when it’s installed in a bathtub, but you can also get the polished finish in various sizes. If your family likes Tuscan decor, tiles are a great choice. Tiles come in many different shapes, with flat sides and rounded corners, or with flatter, sculpted surfaces.

You’ll find plenty of beautiful tiles in italian kitchen design, too. Slate is very popular because it has a rugged feel. If you have a brick oven, limestone is an ideal choice. Granite and limestone aren’t the most durable materials, but they look beautiful nonetheless. One drawback of stone is that it tends to crack if something gets in the cracks.

Another popular choice for the italian kitchen design is to use natural materials. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the travertine or the marble, wood is another attractive option. Cherry wood is one of the most popular choices, although there are some others available as well. Birch and pine are two more good options, although they’re not as common as stone and tile. With Italian kitchens, it’s important to choose timeless designs that you know you’ll be able to enjoy for many years. Fortunately, the traditional italian kitchens are still available and you can make your kitchen really stand out with one of these classic designs.

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