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Hash Kitchen

Hash Kitchen Has Been Serving

For more than 20 years, Hash Kitchen has been serving breakfast and brunch to hungry customers in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding area. The concept is unique because it’s both an a.m. and a late-night eatery. Founded by Joey Maggiore and The Maggiore Group, Hash Kitchen has become one of Scottsdale’s best-known restaurants. In addition to its brunch-centric menu, Hash serves other brunch staples like omelets, pancakes, and eggs.

Later, the two sold the business to a private equity firm, the Savory Fund. The group is committed to helping emerging restaurant concepts grow. It provides financial capital and industry expertise to help them succeed. It also includes revenue opportunities, profitability enhancements, and new location development. Its mission is to give aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to succeed in the food industry.

Hash Kitchen’s Investors

Hash Kitchen’s investors are putting their money into various innovative concepts. The Savory Fund is a $200 million venture capital fund that helps new restaurant brands expand. The fund provides funding for growth strategies and expands its operations. The Savory Fund focuses on the a.e. eatery category. The fund has reviewed over 100 brands over the past year. The company also intends to open 20 new restaurants by 2019.

The investment is a crucial step for Hash Kitchen’s expansion plans. While the restaurant has already opened five locations in Arizona, the Savory Fund hopes to expand the brand to as many as 20 areas over the next two years. The new funding will expand existing restaurants and open new ones. The company plans to open another twenty restaurants in the next two years. And if everything goes according to plan, the company hopes to unlock even more of these fusion eateries.

The Savory Fund’s Investment

The Savory Fund’s investment is a $200 million restaurant growth vehicle. It’s backed by 60 food and beverage veterans. In recent years, the company has expanded its brands and expanded its operations. It recently acquired the Hash Kitchen brand for a reported $4 million. The Savory Fund aims to develop the brand across the country. Its expansion will be a significant boost for the Phoenix-based restaurant chain.

The Savory Fund will provide growth capital for a new restaurant brand. The investment will allow the company to leverage its expertise in the industry to expand its reach. As a result, the Savory Fund will provide additional funding for the restaurant’s expansion. Moreover, it will help Hash Kitchen grow. The investment will help it open more locations. And in the meantime, the Savory Fund will retain its existing management team.

Hash Kitchen Expand its Operations

The multimillion-dollar investment will help Hash Kitchen expand its operations. The restaurant chain is a modernized brunch concept, featuring high-quality brunch items and boozy drinks. The restaurant has five locations in Arizona. Its name “Hash Kitchen” is an acronym for “Hash City.” Its logo features an Instagram-friendly design. It has also been a famous destination for locals and tourists alike. And Hash Kitchen is a great place for any foodie.

The new investment will help Hash Kitchen expand its brand’s scope. The Savory Fund is a fund that invests in emerging restaurants. In addition to the funding, the Savory Fund will also provide the necessary expertise and resources to expand the restaurant’s reach. In addition to its investment in Hash Kitchen, the startup will also receive assets from the Pincho concept in Miami and more than 80 locations nationwide.

60 Food and Beverage Veterans

The Savory Fund is a $200 million restaurant growth vehicle that includes more than 60 food and beverage veterans. The company has a successful way record of expanding various brands. Hash Kitchen plans to open 20 locations in the next two years with its new investment. The investment will further help the restaurant boost its brand in Arizona. The fund has been a great asset for the company. In addition to this, it will help the founders grow their business in the United States.

Located in The Shops Gainey Village shopping center, Hash Kitchen is a popular spot for brunch and lunch. The restaurant’s build-your-own Bloody Mary bar has been a hit with breakfast lovers. There are more than 50 craft topping options at Hash Kitchen. For lunch, the restaurant serves a full menu. It is important to note that Hash Kitchen is not a restaurant. It is a place for locals in the community to hang out.

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