Fruits Knife

Fruits Knife is an innovative game for children that helps them cut fruits in a variety of ways. In Fruits Knife Up, the children enter the game with their favorite fruits inserted in the knife. The game further gets more exciting when the kids are given the option to chop or slice the fruit by touching different colored buttons on the screen. The more the kids play the more points they earn. Also as they chop or slice the fruit, the level gets increasing.

Fruits Knife


In Fruits Knife Up, all the fruits are dropped down from above and the kids have to grab and cut them out with their fruity hands. If they successfully do so, they earn points and unlock new blades. The higher the score, the more colorful patterns and graphics appear on the fruit. But in order to score well, you should always cut the fruit in the right way and place it neatly in your plate. Otherwise you will not earn any points!


The graphics and the patterns change every time the player switches the game on or off. The time limit to changes with every switch. That’s why I personally love this game. It keeps me interested for a long time.


There are various levels in Fruits Knife. The first level is extremely difficult and even the kids who have little or no experience in playing games will have a tough time on this one. The second level is moderately hard. The third and fourth are relatively easy and enjoyable. And then finally the fifth and sixth stages are the easiest and therefore very enjoyable.


The interesting part about this game is the various sub-games that come with it. For example, Fruits Knife Block is very exciting game as it challenges all your dexterity and memory. Another sub-game in Fruits Knife Block is called Fruits Knife Surprise. Here you have to guess as well as guess correctly the correct fruit pattern which is also shown on screen.


The overall story behind the game is that your aim is to eat all fruits shown on screen and save your favorite character. The challenge comes in when you see a hungry lion lying down near a tree. You should save the character right away and nourish it with some fruits. You can see a lot of animals eating the same fruit pattern that you have already spotted. The task really becomes exciting and fun once you complete the game. However, if you want a challenging time in playing this game then I would suggest that you start the level where you just need to save the character and then nourish it with some food.


The Fruits Knife was developed by Hello Kitty Games and was originally planned as a mobile game. However, it has later been released for mobile phones, tablet PCs as well as gaming consoles. It is very pleasing to see such an adorable game being launched on such a wide platform. The Fruits Knife is definitely going to be a huge hit. You can play it either alone or as part of a game group while you are enjoying your lunch.


The price of the game is quite affordable and not too costly as well. The game is totally free from any kind of in-app purchases and that’s why it is becoming so popular. There is a level cap to the game and it is recommended that you start playing with a lower level first. The controls are straightforward and simple, so there is no fear in using them. You will surely love the game once you get started with it.

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