European kitchen design

European kitchen design” A truly beautiful home style begins with an organized, clean, and modern floor plan that seamlessly integrates living and cooking spaces together. With over 16 years of experience in both residential and commercial design, the creative team at European Kitchen Center, located in Brooklyn, NY, can transform your apartment, condo, or home into a new space that perfectly suits their open-minded lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a contemporary open kitchen or a cozy nook for sharing family meals, European Kitchen is committed to designing both. In addition to creating open floor plans, European Kitchen designers help you create functional spaces by designing walk-in-closets, extending the usability of your kitchen space, and providing your home with additional storage options. This award-winning company works with many clients, regardless of size, to provide them with an innovative and comprehensive approach to kitchen design and construction. If you are ready to begin updating your kitchen, contact European Kitchen for a free consultation.

european kitchen design

From rustic country-styled custom built homes to sleek and modern condo and townhome designs, European Kitchen designs every type of space possible. With an unmatched attention to detail and design quality, European Kitchen guarantees that your dream kitchen will be created using cabinets and appliances that are the most efficient for your needs. Their mission is to match your expectations from your dream kitchen with the highest quality products and customer service.

There are two types of European kitchen designs; pre-built or pre-cut. The pre-built European Cabinets are pre-planned, offering a precise design and materials specification in a pre-constructed format. This allows the client to have peace of mind that they are getting exactly what they desire. However, it can also be costly, and may not meet the needs of your kitchen. Pre-cut designs however allow the client to choose the exact cabinet styles, sizes, and materials, which allows for more customization.

The second style of European kitchen design is a sleek and modern interpretation of the traditional European cabinetry. These designs strive to bring the beauty and warmth of the age-old, to life on the modern home interior. Sleek, contemporary lines are a prominent feature of these European designs. These include sleek stainless steel cabinets, along with open shelves and unique glass panel doors. One can further customize the look and feel of their kitchen by choosing a European laminate countertop or wood frame cabinet.

While selecting the right European Kitchen Design for your kitchen space, you will want to consider the layout as well as the use of the room. Many designs will maximize the space in your kitchen space, while providing enough storage and cabinet space. In addition, many european cabinet designs come complete with a dishwasher or range top. In this way, you can easily incorporate the function of these appliances into your new european cabinet design.

Finally, in selecting a particular design, it is important to consider the finish of the product. Laminate countertops have become a popular choice for most European kitchens. A sleek, contemporary finish can add a sleek, modern appeal to your newly designed kitchen, making your space appear modern as well as upscale. A beautiful wood frame with intricate design can create an old-world appeal to the european kitchen design. A combination of any one of these finishes will create a one of a kind look, perfect for your new European design.

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